Stoughton Baseball is where youths from kindergarden to 12th grade can join a team and play summer baseball.

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Majors - 5th - 6th Grade

Grades: 5th - 6th
Fee: $90


Rules and Guidelines

  1. The purpose of the Major League is to learn to enjoy baseball in a safe, fun and positive atmosphere. Coaches should promote sportsmanship, teamwork and fundamental play
  2. Under no circumstances are coaches, players or spectators allowed to argue with an umpire.  This is the responsibility of the coaching staff!
  3. Games are 6 innings. No new inning may start after 90  minutes. A new inning is considered started after the third out of the home team is registered. The home-plate umpire is the official timekeeper.
  4. A half inning is completed when the third out is recorded on the field.
  5. Games that are tied after 6 innings may play extra innings provided that time limit has not expired. No new extra inning may start after the time limit.
  6. Games that are tied after the time limit will end in a tie.
  7. All players in attendance will be included in the batting order.
  8. Each player must play 6 defensive outs per game.
  9. There is free substitution, except for pitchers. Once a pitcher is removed from pitching, they cannot return to the mound in that game.
  10. Nine players are to be used on defense. Eight players are required to play a game.
  11. Each pitcher may pitch a maximum of 2 innings per game. Delivery of a single pitch constitutes having pitched an inning.
  12. Each pitcher may pitch a maximum of 2 innings per week.
  13. Each team is limited to 3 full innings pitched by 12 year old players per 6 inning game.
  14. Warm ups between innings are limited to 5 pitches, or 1 minute. Mid-inning pitching changes warrant more prep pitches, at the umpire’s discretion.
  15. Bunting is legal. Fake bunt/Slash bunt is not allowed.  A batter may not fake a bunt and then swing away.  A fake/slash bunt will result in an automatic out.
  16. The infield fly rule is in effect.
  17. Balks will be called. 
  18. Batters may advance on a dropped third strike.
  19. There is one free mound visit per pitcher, per inning. The pitcher must be removed at the second mound visit.
  20. Runners may lead off base.
  21. Runners may steal at will.
  22. Overthrown balls on steal attempts are live. Runners may advance at their own risk.
  23. Runners must avoid contact with fielders. Head first slides are not allowed. Runners that initiate contact, or slide head-first will be called out.
  24. There is a 10 run rule in effect. If after 4 innings (3.5 for the home team) a team is ahead by 10 runs or more, that team is declared the winner.
  25. No metal spikes.  Players must wear long pants and male players must wear protective cups.  Catchers must use a catcher’s mitt.
  26. In the spirit of participation and sportsmanship, intentional walks are not allowed and there is no stealing once a team is ahead by 10 runs.

Majors Schedule