Stoughton Baseball is where youths from kindergarden to 12th grade can join a team and play summer baseball.

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Coach Pitch - Kindergarten

Grades: Kindergarten
Fee: $80

Rules and Guidelines

1. The purpose of Coach Pitch is to learn the basic fundamentals of baseball and have fun. No score is kept.  Outs are not counted. The games are not intended to be competitive and both teams should leave as winners!!

2. Games last 1 hour and no scoring is kept.  Play as many innings as possible in the alloted time.

3. Every player in attendance must be included in the batting order. The batting order should be rotated every game.

4. Teams should bat ALL of the batting order each inning. The last batter should hit a “home run” with all base runners rounding the bases and crossing home plate.

5. There are no strikeouts or putouts. Runners advance 1 base at a time until the last batter of the inning hits the “home run”. (as described in #4)

6. A batted ball must go at least 10 feet in fair territory to be in play.

7. Each player should play on defense. Defensive positions should be rotated each inning. (Exception: The Pitcher position, which can be dangerous to players unable to concentrate on the field or ball. Coaches will use their discretion when assigning the Pitcher position)

8. Two coaches are allowed on the field to assist players with positioning. Coaches should position
themselves behind the infielders on each side of the diamond.

9. The Pitcher must stay on the mound until the ball is put in play by the batter.

10. When batting there should be 2 adult base coaches, a coach pitching, and a coach at home plate assisting the batter and serving as catcher. There should also be an adult supervising the bench. (Don’t be afraid to ask other parents for help!)

11. Players must wear a helmet when batting and running the bases.

12. Players must be coached to not throw their bat after hitting the ball.

13. A maximum of 5 pitches will be allowed and then the tee must be used

14. Coaches should pitch from one knee ½ way between the pitching rubber and home plate

15. Pitches should be thrown overhand.

16. Coaches will be considered part of the field and should try to avoid contact with a batted ball.